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Monday, April 30, 2007

#9: RSS Search Tools

The searching algorithms for the RSS and blog search engines leave much to be desired - the results were definitely not what I'd call relevant to my searches. Terms that I had the most success with were things like "knitting", which actually returned feeds and blogs that were about knitting. Searching for "library" or "libraries" sort of worked - some of the results were library related, whereas some of the other results seemed to get pulled just because the word "library" was mentioned in a post.

Funniest and most irrelevant search result: keyword search for "food san francisco" returned this page by someone who wanted to write an official "about" page for Becks & Posh. Unfortunately, the link didn't work. Shucks.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Exercise #8: RSS

I had an account with a newsreader years back (I can't even remember the name of the company) that would organize my RSS feeds for me, but the whole thing was so complicated that I only used it a few times and then promptly forgot my login information. So, I'm glad that Bloglines makes it so easy to add and view feeds - it was a vast improvement from the newsreader that I used before and has given me new faith in the RSS feeds business. I shall be using it everyday. Hurrah Bloglines!

Here is a link to my subscriptions:

Exercise #7: Technology

I have to give a plug to the pilot project that fellow librarian Rob Bruce and I are testing at King Library. We are using the Sony Mylo, a new wireless communication device, to refer library users to staff on upper floors via instant messaging. Previously we were using cell phones which required contracts and had spotty reception in certain areas, but now with the Mylo we can connect to the existing wireless service at the library and instant message as well as browse the web and the OPAC. We are hoping that this device, or a similar one, can be used in the future to support roaming reference for librarians so that we can reach more library users.

My new obsession is the website TwitterVision - it is a strangely hypnotic mash-up of Google Maps and Twitter, a site that asks the question "What are you doing?" and gives you 140 characters to answer. It will text or IM your answer to friends or post it right up there on the web. Click here for an article in Slate.com about Twitter, and here's the link to TwitterVision:


Exercise #6: My own trading card!

I used the FD Toys Trading Card Maker and Flickr to make my own librarian trading card. It was really easy to do - the hardest thing was to figure out what I wanted to put on it. The result is what you see!

Trading Card
Originally uploaded by carrotcake.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Exercise #5

The Library is Not For Books
Originally uploaded by jon_gilbert.
I found this picture on Flickr searching for the tags "library" and "books". The sign is extra funny because it looks like it could've actually come from our library - the color and font of the sign, and also the sliding doors in the background, look an awful lot like King...

Things #3 and #4

Blog is created and registered! Man, I am lagging behind on keeping up with this journey. =0(

Friday, January 19, 2007

Exercise #2

I thought that the 7 1/2 Habits Online Tutorial was useful because it spelled out in specific terms how to be a lifelong learner, enforcing the more vague ideas I had in my own head about learning. There were several tips in particular that I found useful:
  • Begin with a goal in mind
  • View problems as challenges
  • Create your own learning toolbox
  • Use technology to your advantage
The easiest habit for me would be the use of technology for my advantage, because I already like playing with new, fun electronics and web applications. The hardest would be to begin with a goal in mind, because I generally go into projects not knowing exactly where it'll lead (it's a bad habit of mine).